Quit Bugging Me!

Quit Bugging Me Part 1 / MP3
Quit Bugging Me Part 2 / MP3

Part 1 -- D / F#sus4 / Fm
Part 2 -- Bm9 / Bdim


Did you see what that aphid did?
It's really starting to pester me.
You'd think everything has the right,
To be free?
But, not when it comes to bothering,
So, sorry if I sound trite...
          Bug off!

Shove off!
'cause I've had enough.

Quit bugging me,
Or, I'll be forced,
To choose your destiny,
Yes, you're being coerced,
However... that's what I'm trying first,
I've thought twice,
And, am trying to be nice,
It will get worse, 
If you don't leave me alone,
It will go from worse to worst.
You'll find I'm prone,
To have a bite,
Worse than my bark,
That's right,
You should stand back.

I've tried spraying,
And, praying,
But, you won't,
I don't know why?
I've tried you're enemy,
The Lady,
But, this season she had to leave,
She fled,
Now, you've acquired her leaf,
And, fed.

So, now I'll try,
Plucking, plinking,
And, whacking,
Getting a handle on it,
By getting my hands on it!

No.  I don't like dirt on my hands,
But, sometimes that's the only way,
One understands.
You leave me no choice,
When it comes to reason's voice,
You are oblivious,
Not hearing a word I say,
So, the answer is obvious,
Yes.  I know --
You've gotta go!

Sound too rough?
And, that's the way,
It's gotta stay.

Don't you see,
You've gotta quit bugging me!
Me... and my entire family,
We've had enough,
You've gotta bug off,
Quit it...
Please cease!
Quit bugging me!

Aphids are a tiny sap-sucking pest that devour young plant leaves. There are many natural ways to try to control these bugs. Some suggest a solution with mild dish washing detergent or garlic water. You can use the spray in an attempt to "power wash" them off the plants.

Lady Bugs are a natural predator of aphids. However, this doesn't help much if you are growing during the winter.

The most effective method that I've found is to visually inspect the plants and remove them with a "hands-on" approach.

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