Low And Behold

Low And Behold (.mp3)


I ain't got a complete list... but here are some of the biggest *sighs*... over things we've decided not to leave behind:

I can't bear the thought,
Of no polar bear,
A feeling,
Everyone would share?

Wish there was a fix,
In my bag of tricks,
Low and behold,
I might not grow that old.

Look what we've brought,
The melting Alps,
I'm listening,
For other yelps?


Look what we've wrought,
The vanishing Barrier Reef, (Too late... it was great!)
I'm in disbelief.


Am I in a loony tune,
Extincting Taz,
Way to soon,
So, while you can,
Catch a tiger by the tail,
'Cause... go figger,
We're the coffin's final nail,
Be sure,
To say farewell,
To every glacier,
For no man is an island,
Nor will any island longer be,
Watch the disappearing shore,
Oh well...
Good-bye from me!

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