Square Dance (in a Round Hole)

A trance dance influenced by early Country & Western music.

Instrumentation includes keyboards, acoustic/electric slide guitar, harmonica and dulcimer.

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The man looked the cowboy,
In the eye,
Called 'em a sheepherder...

Greet awry.
Call the man a Miss,
Meet amiss.

Try n' say goodbye,
To all that is wrong,
Ah, come on (come on, come on)

Dance along:

Grab a partner,
Bow to your left,
Now swing 'er round.

Greet awry...
Wonder why?
Say goodbye... bye-bye

Should awry,
Greet defeat...
Well my, my my.

(Are ya still swingin' 'er?
'cause we prefer,
Goin' round and round and round)

Why put a square dance,
In a round hole,
Why call something,
That it ain't,
Won't change a thing,
'less yer a Saint?

All grab hands,
And circle 'round,
Round and round and round?
Circle to your left,
Like a Democrat,
Then circle to your right,
Looking like a Republican,
Ah, come... do the best ya can.

And, don't ya see...
Ya end up where ya use to be,
Round and round and round?
What can be found?
Ya traveled how far,
To get where ya are?
Round and round and round?
Are we aware,
We made it nowhere?
Round and round and round?

Now ya all.
Back home.

Settle down...

For the call,
Has been made,
To begin again...
Tomorrow... in the A.M.
In the A.M.,
We begin again.
Round and round and round?

It's hard to now where you end,
And, where you begin.
When you're going,
Round and round and round?

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