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A Complete Array of Products to Work Together in Your Next Application

The "ORION" family is a fully integrated series of products for servo motion control.

From motion controllers, to a wide variety of AC brushless servomotors and drives, to machine I/0, operator interface devices and convenient interfaces to factory networks --- ORMEC offers a full complement of standard hardware and software products guaranteed to work together in your motion control application.

Motion Controllers

The ORION TM Model 30, Model 50 and Model 70 motion controllers are the heart of ORMEC's line of motion control products. The three controllers are built on the IBM-PC compatible architecture (80486- DX2/66 and DX4- I 00 main proces sors) and offer three, five and seven PC-AT user slots.

DSP Axis Modules are front loaded into any of the user slots, as are factory network communication adapters. Each DSP Axis Module controls two servomotors, or one motor with a pacer encoder, seamlessly integrating 1 1/2 to 14 axes of high performance servo control into ORION". Each DSP Axis Module also provides interfaces to its associated servo- drives as well as high speed sensors and the on-board programmable limit switches. Analog inputs and delay counters are optional.

The ORION TM System Module provides two PC Card memory slots (one for the MotionBASIC System Card), offering memory options to cover a wide range of application needs. It also includes a number of features required in industrially hardened controllers, such as watchdog timers and E-stop circuitry.

AC Brushless Servomotors & Drives

ORMEC's two standard series of AC brushless servomo tors and drives provide a wide range of torque and speed. One uses encoder feedback and the other uses resolvers.

Machine I/0

Each controller includes a rack for 16 discrete I/0. An additional 24 discrete I/0 points can be added by attaching an Opto-22 compatible rack. or you can use remote I/0 to 12 discrete and analog I/0.

Operator Interface Devices

A compact industrial terminal and an array of flatpanel touchscreen terminals offer a spectrum of convenient, cost effective choices for operator interface. User-friendly software makes programming these devices a snap!

Factory Network Connectivity

MotionBASIC® Extensions provide easy-to-use factory communications via Modbubus&tm, Data Highway/Plus&tm, or S908 PLC networks-and connectivity to the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 series of PLCs utilizing the DFI protocol.

MotionBASIC® Extensions (MBX) simplify set-up of automatic background communications. PLCs and industrial computers can use these communication networks to access any ORION TM data including torque, speed, position and diagnostic information. "Product recipe" and machine status information can be easily communicated. With S908, an ORION TM motion controller operates as a remote I/0 drop of a Modicon PLC.

Pacer Encoders

For electronic gearing applications, a "pacer encoder" conveniently interfaced to a DSP Axis Module monitors machine travel allowing precise synchronization of multiple servos to existing machinery.

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