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Fertility Massage
Our practice offers many types of massage and body work that can be beneficial while trying to conceive. All of our therapies can be done on their own, or used to complement medical fertility treatments.

Fertility Abdominal Massage
Abdominal Acupressure/Massage is the manipulation of the abdomen. In Taoist practice, each organ has specific characteristics energetically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually according to its designated element. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, and are known as the five phases of cyclical energetic movement in both nature and ourselves. Therefore when five elements are in harmony, the body, mind, and spirit are in balance. Our navel, or hara, holds our vital organs together through the fascia. Therefore manipulations in the abdomen detoxify, refine, and strengthen our vital system which creates balance and harmonious flow of blood and chi. The abdominal area, with the internal organs and their internal structure, holds the secrets of a person: things we hide from ourselves. The navel, also, relates to energetically inherited emotions, trauma, stressful life experiences and this is why the acupressure or massage can be very sensitive and emotional. Abdominal Massage can help diminish old adhesions from invasive treatments to the pelvic and abdominal area, including fibroid tumors, endometriosis, and cesarean delivery. In addition, it can improve the blood flow to the pelvic organs and improve uterine lining, help with painful menstruation, aid in digestion, as well as help urinary and bladder problems.

This massage can be done on it's own or in conjunction with our therapeutic and relaxation massage, Myofascial Release, or CranioSacral therapy.

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