Tools For Transformation
An Eight Class Series on Tape by Linda Waldron

Psychic Readings

I have been a professional trance medium clairvoyant for more than 20 years. As a result, I have discovered that right now, more than ever, people want to develop their psychic abilities - to get rid of old habits and patterns, and to be more capable and effective in every situation.

The psychic school I founded in 1983, the Intuitive Training Institute, demystifies the mystical with easy-to-use methods and practical empowerment tools. Everyone has intuitive abilities and can develop psychic powers.

The Intuitive Training Institute's comprehensive eight class program has enhanced and transformed people's lives, from beginners with no prior experience to professional healers. These classes are a great addition to those already in the healing arts.

Having presented these workshop sessions in places such as New York, Maui, London, and the Czech Republic, I am now offering these tried and proven transformative tools on tape.

Class by class we build a solid foundation, and by the eighth class you are fully empowered with two Healing Masters and will know "just what to do" to help your family, friends, and clients.

Those wishing to receive a certificate of completion from the Intuitive Training Institute can take the final examination test.

My experience as a psychic/intuitive, documented healer, teacher, and best-selling author has brought me international recognition, including television experiences on Inside Edition, Talk Soup, Roseanne, and more, features in Vogue, Self, Interview, and opportunities to work with celebrities such as Glenn Close, Joel Grey, Tommy Tune, Linda Hunt. But most important, I have been instrumental in helping others achieve their goals.

This is an opportunity for you to change your lives for the better, and begin to help others in a multitude of ways, as you travel on your Path to Perfect Destiny.

May All Beings Have Happiness...

Class 1 & 2
Simple methods for connecting to your spiritual guides, guardian angels, and any higher energies that want to help you be the best possible you. Includes three types of meditation unconditional love, resting the mind, and healing yourself by healing others. Also, aura cleaning, chakra , the method of sharing your success, removing negative energy from your space, manifesting abundance, creating what you want.

Class 3 & 4
Healing with crystals, color, visualizations. Practices include healing with crystals, making crystal tonics, crystal grids, and using crystals to be more effective in everyday life. Healing with color includes using color to set energy for people and places, creating the environment for positive change, and the use of visualization in the healing process. Also, techniques for forgiveness and completions.

Class 5 & 6
Viewing past, present, and future. Learn how to access future lives, how to understand past lives in relation to this life. How to use past life information to heal and help in this life. How to understand alternate realities, and how to help yourself and others make the correct choices for accelerated evolution. Death, the signs and process of death. How to help others. Techniques for conscious dying.

Class 7 & 8
Meet your healing masters. Healing masters are available to anyone who wants to be a healer. During this final exciting session, you will discover what energies are available to assist you in your work. You will receive two healing masters and learn how to administer an astral team to benefit beings.

A Certificate of Completion from the Intuitive Training Institute (est. 1983), will be presented after a final examination test.

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