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A Question of Love

How can you ask me questions?
Do I remember I love you?
Questions, I have seen, only come between us
I never fight your meaning
Why do you ask for promises?
Words can disappear
Only Love is here

'Cause I could give myself in love and still love you
Yes I could give my self a thousand times or more and still be true to you

And when my body's burning, I seem to slip away from you
Illusions of the earth.......Love is always worth it
And if I stopped my wandering, it wouldn't anwser what you ask me
Or tell you how I feel.......only Love is real

'Cause I could give myself in love and still love you
Yes I could give my self a thousand times or more and still be true to you


Lead vocal:   Peggy something or other (can't remember)
Harmony vocals:   Peter Cross and the Croissants
Everything else: A guy named Tink (never seen him again)
Recording:   Tink
Final Mix:   Tink


Oh my, this song was written and recorded much too long ago. Originally written as an ode to the fabulous late 60's, when sex was not only GREAT, but SAFE. And if you were in Rock and Roll at the time, it was HAPPENING. Of course, the song is completely passe, and would have been even more passe if Peter had sung it. However, fate brought Peter into a bar where a folk-rock band was playing, and there were two females in the band, one of whom (Peggy) had a good voice. Peter offered her a chance to record, and since she had not yet recorded, she agreed to help Peter for free. It was a one time experience, and Peter never saw any of them again. In terms of songwriting, the song is very interesting, not just because of the sort of unique lyrics, but also because of the sort of unique chord progression. The melody uses a very unusual resolution from a minor to major chord change, and does a very cool key change into the chorus and out of the chorus. And the song ends on a dominant second, something that is supposed to be impossible according to so-called musical theorists. But music theory is just air. In reality, true musical inspiration defies all theories, and cannot be defined. That is because creativity itself is not predictable by its very nature. Peter Cross believes that creativity is God in action, and that all creativity comes directly from God through each individual soul. Everybody has it. Some just have not discovered it yet. People generally envy creativeness and wish they had more of it. Peter Cross is here to tell you that it is not all its cracked up to be, and there is a "Catch-22". No one ever tells you about the catch. It's called pain.

rock and roll
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