Steve Holloway

"The Best Drummer I've Ever Seen"

Steve Holloway

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Do they still make drummers? There just ain't nuttin' like a real rhythm machine. And, the other day I saw one with my own two eyes.

Now, I've seen a lot of drummers... big, small, famous and otherwise... but, I've never seen a rock drummer that is more "on the money" than Steve Holloway (of Stop That Noise!.) For instance, Carl Palmer impresses me... and Phil Collins... when he played on the Robert Plant tour... that was real nice... come to think of it, Bun E. Carlos might come close... hmmm... or how about Bill Bruford?

Naaa. I'd still go with Steve.

Hey, Steve. How do you do it?

Steve Holloway I'll be happy to give you more details of my musical/professional life, an informal, conversational approach, perhaps?

I've always been a professional musician, and played gigs all through high school. In college I was playing and studying jazz almost exclusively, until a friend gave me a Police album to check out....that completely changed my life! So since then, I've had one foot in jazz and the other in rock, and all sorts of other influences have been buzzing around as well.

Since I play drums to pay rent for my overpriced NY apartment, not every gig I play is what you'd call "artistically satisfying", but for the most part, I've been lucky in that I play with a lot of great bands that are diverse in styles and approach. A lot of the musicians I've worked with are from your neck of the woods, Philadelphia, so you may be familiar with some of these folks. For three years my main gig was with a world class bebop jazz guitarist from Philly, Jimmy Bruno. During that time we recorded some pretty cool CD's for Concord Jazz. I also recorded a lot of tracks with the great Irish musician, Seamus Egan, who lives a few blocks from me in Manhattan, but he always records at Sigma Sound in Philly. Lately, another Philadelphia band I've been working with is Siora, a Brazilian-flavored contemporary jazz quintet, that is currently planning an extensive tour of Africa for next year.

There are so many other great musicians I'd love to mention, but for now that gives you the a free lancer, you have a chance to wear a lot of musical hats, and because I LIKE a lot of different styles of music, it's fun to play in a lot of different bands. Of course, Stop That Noise is my hard rock expression, and you can imagine how interesting it is to go from playing light jazz with brushes one night, to literally attacking a set of drums the next night with Stop That Noise! It's a fun challenge, and that's just the way I chose to do it. I'd go nuts if I played the same stuff 6 nights a week, even if it was something I loved.

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