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(written by Kyle Turner and Steve Holloway)
performed by Stop That Noise

you always smell so good
must be my frame of mind
we get together again
and we start getting behind
i just want to get away from you
but it's just no use

gotta wanna gonna
gotta wanna gonna
let's be dumb
let's be stupid
let's rub bums
and come like cupid
gotta wanna go

yeah, you look good to me, too
it's great to feel that vibe
to go inside your vibe
open it deep and wide, open it deep and wide
got to get inside


you got to let it flow, you got to let it go
i want to make you wetter still
we've soaked the sheets and the mattress again
we need a new bed that we can sleep in

chorus, etc....

Stop That Noise is:
Kyle Turner-bass and vocals
Steve Holloway-drums

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