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Thanks You... and, You... and, You... and, You... and, You... and, You... and, You... and, You... and, ....

dear friends,

it has been brought to my attention that you may have made me the most listened to musician in the world. thank you.

through your kind words and deeds, you are helping me to exploit my creative process to scores of millions of humans every month. this is almost every musician's dream. since most people have never considered me a musician, it has come as an overwhelming pleasant surprise. thank you.

your original musical support has also spilled over into my other multimedia endeavors. from the first www music album, to the first www music video, you have been there. now, i am also one of the most seen artists, engineers, producers, and directors. thank you.

surprise, surprise, surprise! your appreciation of my "loyalty to music" (at the expense of financial gain) has actually led to the ability to support myself. this freedom enabled me to create more copyrights than any other individual. in fact, during one experiment, i was able to write, record, publish and distribute over 3,000 new songs in one year. thank you.

in an effort, to show my sincere and utmost gratitude, i've devoted the rest of my life to creating free content for you... your friends and relatives... and, most importantly of all -- your children.

digital yoda

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Digital Yoda enjoys creating and recording music, engineering, producing, directing, collaborating, supporting the moving picture expert group (MPEG), drawing, developing graphics and animation, writing, composing, and conducting. You may experience some of his work (or should I say, play?) through the following links:

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