Boneata Amoré Barkelot

Hello, I am Boneata Amoré Barkelot, canine multimedia star. That's me on the left and Sir Roofus Barkelot on the right. Click here to start downloading my debut in Bob Marley's "African Herbsman", just call me "jah Boneata". You can also see my starring role in STN's "Can't Hang" video by clicking here.

My turn ons are balls, frisbees, Sir Roofus Barkelot, salsa chips, biscuits, and just about everything that isn't nailed down.

Here I am getting a swimming lesson from Sir Roofus. I love to swim, especially with Sir Roofus. Sometimes Capn and Sparky swim with me too.

I once lived in a house on a lake, Sir Roofus and I would swim in it. Capn and Sparky were always worried one of those big alligators would come and eat me. Don't they know I could take on any old gator and chomp it to bits with my teeth? Here we all are on the boatdock.

Here is a link to Sir Roofus, be sure to check him out! You can also email Sparky for more information on me. email