Leaving On A High Road
Meddley of John Denver Songs
Take Me Home Country Roads, Country Roads - Leaving On A Jet Plane - Rocky Mountain High
performed by Yzark
special appearance by John Denver

West Virginia = Almost Heaven
Kiss 4 Me + Smile 4 me = Realized Heaven
Talk + Listen 2 GOD = ?
HINT: If you need a bridge for the talking and the listening:
John Denver = 1 Bridge

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I make a special appearance in this video. Remember: every human spirit has an animal spirit, too. In the article below, I explain how I've become a dead canary in my new life. But, while I was walking on Earth, I had a different spirit mate. See if you can recognize me in my animal garb. -- John Denver

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Famous Compassionists Dropping Like Flies
by the late John Denver

On more than one occasion, I've been told that I can sing like a canary. Though I thought this to be odd, I see that in my new life, yes - I am a canary of sorts.

Since my body died, I've become a dead canary. And, I've come to identify other dead canaries. My first discovery was that music isn't the only song a canary can sing. There are other ways to make music. Secondly, canaries can do things that aren't so beautiful... like what ya find on the bottom of the cage.

With this in mind, I've taken a second look at Mother Earth. What sort-of mines are in need of monitoring? Hmmm... how about the Cola Mines? There's Coke-A-Cola... and Pepsi Cola. It even appears as though there are huge Cola Wars being waged (through The Media). The owners of the Cola Mines might take warning. The workers of the Cola Mines should take warning, as it appears the canaries in the mines are dropping dead. They are keeling over... kickin' the bucket... walking the Paparazzi Gauntlet to the sky.

I know. I've been there. I've done that.

Canaries to Keep Your I On

So, while I was pondering other dead canaries, I figured I'd go get sumpin' to eat... turn on da tube... and what do I see? Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner watchin' da ball game together... "hehehe," I say to me.

And, an announcer says, "Jimmy Carter da *great humanitarian*." The other announcer says, "Speakin' of *great humanitarians* look whose sittin' with 'em... Ted 'Give a Gadzllion $$$ --> U.N.' Turner."

... and
OUCH... my side split open laughing. There were a coupla canaries in da Cola Mine if ever I dun saw one.

About The Audio & Video

The artists performed the music on-the-fly. This haunting version was recorded spontaneously... immediately following the separation of John's body and soul.

multimedia production team:
John Denver, db, Capn', Willie, Bob

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