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TRAUNER CONSULTING SERVICES, INC., founded by Theodore J. Trauner, Jr., is a unique organization. We have combined the technical and management disciplines in our firm so that we can help you prevent problems from occurring or resolve them cost effectively should they arise. Our approach to problems is a common sense one by a staff of highly trained professionals.

The concept of Professionalism is understood in many different ways. To some it may mean possession of a state registration, advanced degrees, or an impressive resume. But Professionalism is not solely determined by degrees, certificates, or years of work experience. Professionalism is a function of ability and expertise.

The true Professional is innovative, meticulous, and not just skilled, but gifted. Above all, he is dedicated. In this sense, our staff is truly Professional.

Our staff includes engineers, architects, schedulers, construction and management professionals. Depending on your problem, we structure a balanced team to assist you in resolving it.

In the broadest sense our firm provides management consulting to the Construction and Technical arenas. Our services encompass Construction Claims Avoidance and Resolution, Surety Completion, Construction Management and Owner's Representation, CPM Scheduling and Project Control, Specification Development and Metrication and In-House Seminars and Training.

As Professional Consultants, we, much like the physician, must observe all the symptoms of the problem before attempting to cure. There is no standard prescription, no patented solution. Every project is unique and every problem is unique.

We tailor our services to your needs. We define your problem and determine what assistance is needed. We will not suggest that which is not necessary. Neither will we undertake that which we cannot perform. We offer only the highest quality product.

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