Selected from a nationwide search for the largest project the Maine DOT has ever undertaken, Trauner was retained to provide contract administration services during final design, pre-construction, and construction phases of a $130 million construction of the Portland-South Portland Bridge project in Portland, Maine. To date, our services have included design review, constructability reviews, prequalification of contractors, assistance in structuring bid packages, authoring the project procedures manual, revising the construction scheduling specification, and revising the Division 100 specifications. Trauner prepared and is currently monitoring the program schedule for six separate contracts, is providing periodic on-site inspection services, review of contractor change orders, and providing assistance in the review and analysis of all disputes. To help in preventing claims, Trauner has also set up a Dispute Review Board which helps in resolving issues before they become costly claims for all parties involved.


An owner/developer of a $40M luxury hi-rise condominium facility in Longboat Key, Florida needed assistance in completing this project due to the termination of the general contractor. Trauner was retained to provide the necessary services to finish the project. Trauner ran the job as an owner's representative and services included CPM schedule updating, on-site project coordination services, and change order review services. Notably, with over 50,000 documents to track, Trauner created a document control system enabling information to be located quickly ensured the accuracy of the review of important information. Trauner also assisted the client in the resolution of disputes by testifying at arbitration which contributed to the recovery of $14M from the terminated general contractor.


This large and expensive project was significantly behind schedule when Trauner was asked to provide project completion services. In assisting a Surety, Trauner stepped in when the project was significantly behind schedule, assumed total management and completed the work ahead of schedule. Trauner evaluated remaining electrical work and conducted a feasibility analysis on the remaining work and then established a completion date. Trauner services also included an action plan, a management team, and management of the completion of the electrical work on an accelerated basis. Currently, Trauner is working on the resolution of outstanding changes.


Trauner is currently under contract with the Federal Highway Administration for two separate training programs. The first contract required the development of a training manual on the handling and avoidance of highway construction claims and the presentation of training programs to state and federal highway agencies throughout the country. Prior to presenting each course, Trauner conducts a thorough review and critique of each state's standard specifications and supplemental provisions, thus gaining an invaluable resource of knowledge.

Trauner is also under contract with the FHWA for the development and presentation of a training program for State Highway Agencies entitled "Principles of Highway Construction Specification Writing" which focuses on the technical issues involved in writing clear, concise, and practical specifications. As part of the development of this specification writing training course, Trauner collected and evaluated all available information from FHWA, TRB, and AASHTO. In addition, our staff interviewed a sample of nine SHAs throughout the country to identify the specifications implemented by those states and glean from them their experience in using these specifications. This research, combined with the feedback we have received in presentation of these programs, has enabled Trauner to gather information regarding specification development and implementation. Also, as a result of the specification writing seminars, Trauner has had exposure to the metric conversion process in states throughout the country.

Partnering programs are another area in which Trauner has assisted the FHWA.

Trauner was selected to develop and present a third training program entitled "Partnering Concepts". This one or two-day course will be presented to Federal and State DOTs throughout the country and will provide the participants with (1) an overview of partnering concepts; (2) the benefits of the partnering process; and (3) plans and approaches for on-the-job application.


As a member of the project team recently selected by the New Jersey Department of Transportation to provide Metrication of New Jersey Department of Transportation Standards, Trauner is responsible for updating and metric conversion of NJDOT Standard Specifications. Our assistance may also include development of a metric conversion training course for NJDOT. With deadlines for metric conversion set by the Federal Government approaching quickly, Trauner is a valuable asset to NJDOT.


Trauner was hired by T. Frederick Jackson, Inc., an electrical subcontractor and its surety to assist in the evaluation and resolution of a $16M dispute and $50M fraud claim with the general contractor of the $600M Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York, New York. The project, located in the heart of New York City, involved the construction of a 50-story hotel building that included, in part, approximately 1,800 guest rooms, parking garage, Broadway theater, two ballrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, a health spa, retail space, and revolving restaurants and lounges. The electrical subcontractor was responsible for providing, installing, and testing the temporary and permanent electrical system for the entire hotel with the exception of the theater. Trauner was retained to conduct an independent review and objective analysis of the project. Issues included delays, inefficiency, extra work, and acceleration. Trauner reviewed the daily reports of construction, subforeman daily time sheets, meeting minutes, progress reports, payment requisitions, construction schedules, drawings, the contractor, modifications, and correspondence. Services included review of the as-planned schedule; preparation of an as-built schedule; an analysis of delays and responsibility for delays; an inefficiency analysis with particular attention to the adequacy of vertical transportation (hoists and elevators); an analysis of approximately 1,400 extra work issues; and an assessment of liabilities. Trauner prepared a technical report enumerating its findings in preparation of settlement negotiations. Trauner also assisted in preparation for trial, including drafting of questions for cross-examination, and advised counsel on issues during trial. Mr. Trauner testified as an expert witness at trial. Based, in part, on the expert testimony of Mr. Trauner regarding the issues of calculations of inefficiencies through a measured mile study, and a detailed analysis of the extra work, the court ruled in favor of the electrical contractor. Damages were awarded.


The NJ DBC needed the assistance of Trauner's Construction Management team when it came to the construction of $24M additions to two correctional facilities; one in Newark, NJ and the other in Camden, NJ. Trauner ran the entire project by providing complete construction management services to include review of plans and specifications, preparation of the initial and final as-planned CPM schedule with input from all of the Contractors, preparation of periodic updates with a narrative report detailing progress, problems, etc., and attendance at progress meetings.

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