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Winter 2002/03
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REMEMBER:  For reviews, send a copy (or two) of your CD or cassette to Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter, 1478 Atwood Ave., P.M.B. 1066, Johnston, RI 02919.  And if you ever get a review you don't like, please send another disc and request a different reviewer.  We're always willing to run multiple reviews of the same disc -- so people can see what several different reviewers think of it.

  • Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Facts and Info -- Are you getting it? 
  • Publisher's Note -- a Note from Publisher Geoff Wilbur 
  • The Staff -- Who does what at Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter?

  • Geographic Listing of Writers and Their E-Mail Addresses -- Invite Your Local Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Writer Out to Cover Your Show 
  • MP3 Radio Stations -- Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter's MP3 Radio Stations at
  • All Else Failed -- Now What? -- an interview with Pat Shannon of All Else Failed
  • Diecast: Molded in Metal -- an interview with Colin of Diecast
  • JJ Paradise Player's Club: The Real Scoop? -- an interview with Dave of JJ Paradise Player's Club
  • The Noise of Khanate -- an interview with Steve O'Malley of Khanate
  • Drink Up -- It's Leechmilk! -- an interview with Chris Edmonds of Leechmilk
  • None More Black: WASP's Frontman Speaks -- an interview with Blackie Lawless of WASP
  • Heavily Scarred -- an interview with John and Frank of Scar Culture
  • Scissorfight and Other Dangerous Games -- an interview with Ironlung of Scissorfight
  • Mushroomhead Case -- an interview with Pig Benis of Mushroomhead
  • Bloodlet Begins Again -- an interview with Art Legere of Bloodlet
  • Disarray, Datarray -- an interview with Chuck Bonnett of Disarray

  • Slavicsky's Smorgasbord -- Al Slavicsky's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Planet Hemp, Necro, Sum 41, Primer 55, Pulse Ultra, Sevendust, Green Wheel, Step Kings, Phantom Planet, Hoobstank, Quarashi, Mad At Gravity, Converge, Rush, Seether, Soulfly, Puddle of Mudd, Adema, Punk Chartbusters Vol. 4, The Unknown, Sodom, Britney Spears, Spineshank, Powerman 5000, Adagio, Wizard, Diabolic, Angra, Kreator, The Color Red, Mortiis, Patrick Green, The Beatles, Johnny Rebel, David Allan Coe, Pink Floyd & Friends, Machine Head, Misfits, Slipknot, Anyone, and Velocette Recordings Sampler

  • Dan's Reviews -- Dan MacIntosh's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from KMFDM, Danielle Howle And The Tantrums, Menza, Music >From And Inspired By The Motion Picture The Scorpion King, The Instrumental Memphis Music Sampler, Ultrapull, Moondream, Punk Chartbusters Vol. 4, Ska Chartbusters, Zoo Story, Autumn Tears, Tenacious D, David Davidson, Space Station, Jim Washburn, Babylon AD, Carole King, FLAW, and Universal Records Rock Sampler, Carnivore: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Rage, Audra, Evick, Butch Walker, Diana King, John Trudell, Magnum, Bruce & Lisa, No December, Marlo Donato, John Maragos, Greg Grant, The Timbre Project, and Heather Shayne Blakeslee

  • Mike's Reviews, Part 1 -- MikeSOS's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Soil, Quitter, The Reunion Show, Tottenkorps, Fu Manchu, Severance, Taking Back Sunday, Antiseen, Sweatpant Boners, Brick Bath, Will Haven, Astral, New End Original, Rob Zombie, The Shiners, Bob's Kitchen, Diabolical, Halfway to Gone, Roadsaw, Wumpscut, Dark Funeral, Incubus, No Redeeming Social Value, Fracas, Slaughter and the Dogs, Sevendust, The Chicken Hawks, The Thought Industry, Novadriver, Pungent Stench, Entombed, Iowaska, Thr3, The Briefs, Above This World, Backbiter/Elope, Platehead, Disgorge, The Generators, Candiria, Nebula, Scotland Yard, Son Of Sam, Altamont, Mushroomhead, Lacrimas Profundere, Weezer, Mammoth Volume, Cadaver Inc., Stonekracker, Headhunter, From Brooklyn With Love, Knuckle Sandwich, Billy Music, Boxcar Satan, Deteriorot, Enter My Silence, Cavity, Centro-matic, Sunn, Lopez, Knut, Dream Theater, Eternal Elysium, The Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi Volume 2, The Atomic Bitchwax, Genocide SS, Imagika, The Scorpion King, The Riffs, Angeldust, and High On Fire

  • Mike's Reviews, Part 2 -- MikeSOS's Review Column, continued

  • Featuring CDs from Black Label Society, Orquesta Del Desierto, Uphill Battle, In Extremo, Che Zuro and Tisa Adamson, Oxymoron, Trephination, Go Mower Go, Brant Bjork and the Operators, The Mushroom River Band, Engorged, The Business, Infamy, Home Town Hero, Throes of Dawn, Crank It Up, A House Divided, Damsel, Codeseven, Bloodlet, The Kudabins, Spaceboy, Out to Win, Alabama Thunderpussy, Break Even Definition, Five Pointe O, Diamond Rexx, Low Twelve, Tearabyte, Superjoint Ritual, Red Harvest, Disarray, Death Threat, Places to Park, Motorhead, Heavycore: Core Til Death, Mastodon, The Ribeye Brothers, The Cotton Weary, Off By One, Poundhound, Stereomud, No Innocent Victim, One Perfect Crime, Long Winter's Stare, King Django, Buried Alive, Marduk, Bal-Sagoth, Dust For Life, Cold As Life, Blood For Blood, Skarhead, Belvedere, Hangnail, Fist Full Of Dust, Shadow Keep, Heaven and Earth, Monster Magnet, Abigor, War Dance, From the Desk of Sally, Oratory, BRMC, Miserable Existence, Engine Orange, Rhapsody, Zao, Electrasic, Safety in Numbers, Iron Savior, Rancid Vat, Punishment, Minority, Origin, Misura, The F*cking Champs. Spiritu, Herod, and Serberus

  • Mike's Reviews, Part 3 -- MikeSOS's Review Column, continued

  • Featuring CDs from Alien Ant Farm, Suprasod, Bump City, Iron Fire, North Side Kings, Yeti, Integrity, Boy Hits Car, Full Blown Chaos, Sisthema, Soulshed, God Forbid, Ginger Moon, Vic 20, Hades, Ann Beretta, Blind Dog, Averse Sefira, Gabriel Gordon, Lacuna Coil, sunn0))), Savatage, American Standard, Corvus Corax, Dropgod, Thursday, No One, Mindtwist, Five People, Diffuser, Waterdown, Dickie Staboner, Jim Knable, Downway, 4 In Tha Chamber, Regurgitate, Underoath, Those Unknown, Scary German Guy, Dismal Euphony, Abscess, Evil Beaver, Swallowing Shit, Red Harvest, Buel 36, Knut, The Bellrays, Vitriol, Demonicon, Running Late, Isis, Blacktooth, Spirit Caravan, Guano Apes, Shockwave, Witchery, RAFR Volume 3, Rabies Caste, Nephasth, Avenged Sevenfold, Ancient, Lesliwood, Serotonin, Lit, XIII PFP, Moonspell, Trapped In Life, Kevin Henry, The Beltones, Filthy Thieving Bastards, Ozzy Osbourne, Angel Crew, Fireball Ministry, Thy Primordial, Blow Up Hollywood, SSRI, Fritz and the Side Effects, Boiler, 16, Othersidenine, Radiate, Conquistador, Detox Darlings, Slidebolt, The Krays, Alive, Jerry Cantrell, The Bad Vibes, 40 Below Summer, Mr. Scrillion, Stuck On 8, Heidnik, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dead to Fall, and As Friends Rust

  • Mike's Reviews, Part 4 -- MikeSOS's Review Column, continued

  • Featuring CDs from Burnt By the Sun, Karma to Burn, Hoobastank, The Tash Brothers, In Aeternum, Himsa, Disaster Strikes, Burning Inside, Watch Me Burn, Realm, Into Eternity, Pack Of Wise, The Deal, Lostprophets, Watchmaker, Djyche, Blood For Blood, Bush, Mystic Circle, Oblong Wheel, The Cancer Conspirancy, Strife, Dawn Of Dreams, Very Metal, The Order Of The Fly, Tomahawk, Monc, Align, Vanishing Point, Memory Garden, Blackstorm, Uli Jon Roth, Niblick Henbane, Low Twelve, Boris, Biastfear, Quest For Nine, A Tribute to the Scoprions, The Deep Eynde, Chaos Theory, Foolproof, Croatan, Overthhhrow/What Happens Next, Captain T, Operator Generator, Phantom Patient, Anubis Rising, Onward, The Great Deceiver, Southport, George Joseph, Drunk Horse, Nightwish, WASP, Tad Morose, Dozer, The Forsaken, Where Fear And Weapons Meet, The Clay Pigeons, Red Reaction, Haste, Within Reach, Godflesh, Serial Poets, The Lawrence Arms/The Chinkees, The Flaming Stars, Homo Iratus, Idlewild, Gladyss Patches, New Disorder Soda, Sceptic, Ratos De Porao, The Lepers, The Brought Low, Mercenary Musik 2001, Hellspawn, Evergrey, Steel Reign, Satanic Slaughter, Soul Survivor Soundtrack, and Scissorfight

  • Mike's Reviews, Part 5 -- MikeSOS's Review Column, continued

  • Featuring CDs from 36 Crazyfists, Local H, The Rocking Horse Winner, Battery, Grace For the Fallen, Ampline, Synthetic 16, 98 Mute, The Ritchie Whites, Manowar, Keep Of Kalessin, The Strap Ons, Silver Monkey Boy, Be Loud, Douglas Leader, Onward, Theorem, Gunfighter/Traindodge, Nebula, Rotten Sound, Prescott C, Backslap, Hate Theory, Vader, WASP, Fixer, Entety, 200 North, Atreyu, Skinlab, Sentenced, The Lot Six, Dry Cell, Finch, Swami, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Impostor Syndrome, Danzig, Size Deep, Little League, The Generators, Origin, Killswitch Engage, Behind the Sun, Tough Enough 2 soundtrack, Rosemary's Billygoat, The Honor System, Nonpoint, Earthride, Heat Slick, Bleeding Through, Radio Junkies, Coheed and Cambria, Aesma Daeva, Carnivean, XPO8ODX, Knuckle Sandwich, King's Evil, The Quill, Chthonic, Carrion, Doro, 3rd Strike, Sick Of It All, Def Leppard, Carpathian Forest, The Templars, No Return, 3D House Of Beef, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Sinistar, Udo, ADZ, and Hate
  • Publisher's Corner -- GWRN Publisher Geoff Wilbur's Review Column

  • Featuring CDs from Billy Gibson, Dave Tofani, and Michael Bolton

    Album & Demo Reviews -- The GWRN Staff reviews CDs from StepKings, John Trudell, Mazinga, Immortal Lee County Killers, The Widowmakers, The Piranhas, and Vanilla Fudge
  • Video Reviews -- The GWRN Staff reviews American Head Charge's American Head Charge, Paradise Lost 2: Revelations, Sum 41's Going Going Gonorrhea, and Sum 41's Warning! Contain Coarse Language, Brief Nudity, and Immature Subject Matter EPK

  • Concert Reviews -- Al Slavicsky reviews the DC 101 23rd Annual Chili Cook-Off at 12th & Penn Ave. NW in Washington, DC featuring Something Corporate, 2 Skinnee Js, Sugarcult, Carbon Leaf, Remmey Zero, Peter Yorn, Soul Asylum, and Puddle of Mudd; a Staff Writer reviews the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers show at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI
  • The Local Scene -- Band Guide listings from San Francisco and Toronto

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