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Metaphysics can turn your head around to the point where terms like sane/insane and real/unreal become the same, meaning nothing. A single occurance can explode all previously held beliefs, leaving us to question the norms and dogma of a repressive society.

Questions don't always lead to answers but reveal the hypocrites and manipulators behind the scenes, worthy of our scorn. The human meat grinders of government, business, and organized religion seek our compliance, holding us hostage with tax, poverty, and ostracism. No revolution or uprising will have the effect of a personal awakening from the sleep of conformity.

What few have realized in search of change is the futility of anger, which clouds the mind, and cynicism, which mocks hope. A conscious break from stupidity is in order. Pointless exercises like elections by TV-informed masses and filling collection plates make some feel better, but feed on fear and judgement to give a false sense of participation. The answer is a question - Why? Seeking to answer "why?" can eventually deliver a self-realization, a moment of clarity, a... COSMIC TRIGGER.

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