Professional Services offered by

Contest Judging

We are some of the most qualified judges in the region, with actual professional skaters judging the contests.  Cost: 5 judges at $75 per person - $375


Our certified instructors can teach lessons on how to skate street, launch ramp, and halfpipe.  The structure of the clinics are 3 day weekend camps (Fri, Sat, Sun) and 5 day weekly camps (Mon - Fri).  All the areas of teaching listed above can be used.


We can help to promote anyone; from a small shop to a major event.  By using all forms of media placement, such as print coordination, TV and Radio we can coordinate a complete media marketing package, and make your show a success.

Urban Assault has a package set up for every event so that the thrill of in-line skating can be brought directly to YOU!

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