What can Team Urban Assault offer to you that is UNIQUE?

        Do you want a different and exciting way to advertise your company or a product?  Something that will get it noticed by everyone, not just one age group or race or gender.  If you do, then in-line Skating with Urban Assault is your answer.

          In the past five years in-line skating has catapulted to one of the most popular sports in America and is very quickly finding an expanding worldwide market.  In-line skating is different from all other sports: it appeals to all people in all walks of life.  It does not limit itself to just one category of people.  Many of your friends are probably active in this sport.  Business Week magazine has rated the sport as one of the three most popular in America today.  Many corporations have already recognized it as a great advertising and promotional tool.  You can see evidence of this on television comercials and in almost every magazine you open: you will see the sport being used to advertise and promote a diverse number of companies and products.

             Here are the reasons why you should choose URBAN ASSAULT In-Line Skate Team.  Your company name, logo and/or product will be advertised during our shows.  Advertising is done verbally, as well as banners that are displayed in strategic locations to attract the most attention.  We can also logo our ramps with your logo or name.  Urban Assault has built one of the largest mobile skateparks ever.  Our ramps range from a 12 foot high starter ramp to a 4 foot high launch ramp.  Our ramps and shows attract attention and your name is GUARANTEED to be noticed.

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